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Spooky Pizzas Will Bewitch Young Ghosts and Goblins

October 1st, 2015

Halloween is downright scary for parents worried about sweets and candies finding their way into young trick-or-treaters’ bags. Can kids enjoy Halloween fun and eat healthy?

Plan a Halloween Pizza Party to encourage healthier choices! All you’ll need are some Rustic Crust ready-made pizza crusts and a little imagination.

  • Start off the festivities with pumpkin ‘carving’ – but give kids colorful Sharpies instead of sharp knives to decorate their pumpkins. It’s fun, creative and safe!
  • Personal pizzas let children create their own spooky pies. Choose Rustic Crust Italian Herb crusts – 7” and two to a package – and provide mushrooms, green and black olives, green pepper slivers, pineapple, onion and other toppings, along with sauce and cheese, and encourage kids to make a frightful Halloween face on their pizza. Team two kids together to make one pizza, and offer coloring books, funny tees or other inexpensive prizes to the teams that create (and eat!) their healthy scream-ations.
  • Concoct a bubbling witch’s brew to serve as party punch – we found a kid-friendly recipe that’s short on calories and sugar, and big on taste. And with its white foam, it looks like it’s bubbling!
  • What about dessert? Skip the Halloween candy and cake, and use Nutella (a hazelnut spread made with skim milk, roasted hazelnuts and just enough cocoa) spread on a Rustic Pizza crust. Add some shredded coconut, maybe a few candy corn (easy does it!), cut into mini-slices, and your little ghosts and goblins won’t miss those candy bars.

Plan ahead this year, and your Halloween festivities will be less fearful – and a lot more fun!