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Celebrate Sandwich Month with These Four Favorites

August 1st, 2016

August is National Sandwich Month, and thanks to the fourth Earl of Sandwich (who apparently invented putting food between pieces of bread so he could continue gambling without leaving the table to make dinner), our love affair with the sandwich continues all year round.

This month, however, we thought we’d celebrate by trying out these new versions of old favorites. Give them a try!

Grilled Cheese with a Twist — Sure, go ahead and use that white bread and American cheese, but don’t forget to include the tomato, onion and jalapenos when you fire up the pan to create a golden, crispy masterpiece. The result is a grilled cheese sandwich with a little bite — and don’t you want to make that sandwich one to remember?

Tuna-Over-the-Moona! — Tuna, mayo and bread….yawn. Kick it up a notch with a great recipe from Martha Stewart (don’t worry, it’s easy). Just start with tuna and add diced celery, apple cubes, freshly chopped basil leaves, a little lemon juice, and mayo. Use sourdough bread, add a dash of salt and pepper, and enjoy.

Super Hero Sandwich, Anyone? — What’s a hero sandwich, you ask? It can be anything as long as it’s large, made with a small loaf or long roll cut in half lengthwise and stuffed with…er, stuff. Our favorite is a meatball sandwich (use turkey meatballs, if you prefer) with melted provolone and just enough of your favorite pasta sauce to cover the meatballs, but not make the bread mushy.

Member of the Club Sandwich — What’s not to like about a sandwich so tall, it’s a challenge to fit it into your mouth? We make ours with Rustic Crust’s Ciabatta Flatbread, and we make it for a crowd (our club has LOTS of members!). Just use two flatbreads, each cut in half. In this case, we’re building a turkey club, so after spreading a little mayo on your base, add turkey, top with a flatbread piece, then add bacon to the next layer. Top with another piece of flatbread, add tomato and lettuce, and then spread the underside of your top slice with more mayo. Then cut into as many wedges as you need. (Note — the beauty of club sandwiches is there is no ‘wrong’ ingredient — anything goes!)

Sandwiches may be the perfect food, we admit, and while we don’t need a special holiday to celebrate this perfect invention (no matter why that Earl came up with the idea), it’s nice to take the time to salute the sandwich.

Now…pass the bread, the mayo, and anything you’ve got. We’re hungry!