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5 family adventures

August 21st, 2015

Where oh where did summer go? In just a few weeks, it’ll be back to school and the usual routine, but don’t let summer go without planning a few family fun adventures! Here are 5 fun ideas for the whole family to sneak in before school starts.

  1. Plan a magical mystery tour. Write down 10 ideas for a family day trip on pieces of paper (make it more fun by making each slip look like a ticket!) and gather as a family to choose one trip for the following day. Be sure to choose an adventure that’s within a couple of hours’ drive, pack a lunch and appropriate gear, and hit the road!
  2. Sure, you’ve been to the beach more than a few times this summer, but this time, splurge on new sand pails for every family member, and scour the seashore with the goal of hunting down the coolest critter you can find. The only requirement? Leaving any new discoveries behind, where they belong.
  3. You don’t have to leave home to have an adventure! Camp out in the backyard, put a few pizzas on the grill (Rustic Crust ready-made crusts are terrific on the barbie!), and then make s’mores as the sun goes down. Be sure to have flashlights at the ready to check out any late-night visitors…nothing bigger than a curious raccoon, we hope!
  4. A rainy day? Why not explore a local museum or library? Create a list of must-find items for a family scavenger hunt (find a dog in a painting, or a book about flowers) and be sure to have a grab bag of inexpensive items on hand, so even someone who didn’t have much luck comes home with a prize.
  5. Do some good in your community and spend a summer afternoon cleaning up a local park or taking part in a fund-raising fun run or other activity. There’s nothing like doing good to make you feel good!

We’ve loved summer, but with the coming of fall, all of us will enjoy those cooler temperatures and turning leaves. What are your favorite summer family activities?